Sight Updates
August 7th, 2002
      Today I finnished
Chapter 4 and 6 on the Pernese Chronicles .
I currently have 22 pages typed and I will be putting some other chapters onto my site so they can be read. Please leave me info if you have a suggestion in the geustbook or email me Thanx! I will be adding to my Gundam Wing site now that the new series is coming out and info about the new movie. Coming soon!!!!!!
August 8th, 2002
        Today I added
chapter 7 to the Pernese Chronicles site, and I started adding my Lord of the Rings site to my page. The link is set up and the page is under construction. I will be adding chapter 8 and 9 later tonight!!!!!
September 19,

     There will be no further updates to any of the pages on this site. I have removed all chapters to my orininal story and probably will be abandoning that also. If you would like any further information regarding this or anything else then email me or you know my phone number.
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