Chapter 6

    I sat up and felt my hair matted to my head, so I slowly uncoiled my long hair and combed it with my fingers. For a bold and daring individual Darian sure wasen't a talker. He must have suspected my unease and so he started to speak.
    "You bare a sword I see. I felt its wieght when I lifted you." He spoke cautiously. "I wonder if you know how to use it?" Offended I quickly unsheathed my sword and swung it so it was a half fingers width from his throat. I held it there reminding him of it. He did not move or even flinch. His eyes stared up at me without expression. I knew he was reading my every move.
    "I see you can." He said finally and I returned the sword to its sheath. No one had ever dared insult my skills. But perhaps I would be better suited if I got used to it. I hadn't realized that if he had not been there with me I would have been left behind for the natives. So I forgot my selfish pride and thanked him.
    "I did not get a chance to thank you." I said.
    "For what?" He asked.
    "For helping me when I had no one." I said sincerely. He looked melancholy and it unnerved me because I wanted the sarcastic beast to be happy. I think he searched my eyes for sincerity.
    "I know few woman who choose to wield a sword." He said curiously. I know he was studying my character and that in some way I puzzled him deeply.
    "Now you know one more." I responded flatly. Dirty and hungry we started walking towards the road for a place to regenerate. It really didn't matter if people saw us since no one but nobles knew my true identity. We sauntered into the first cottage, which happened to be an inn. I approached the man at the bar and inquired after a place to rest.
    After we had acquired two rooms we went up to take baths which we had long been without. I returned to the bar below to discuss our plans for the next days travels. My long curly blond hair billowed down my back unbraided. When I found Darian I took a seat beside him on the wooden bench and ordered a drink. He watched the people in the room around us intently.
   "Where do you come from Darian." I inquired.
   "A city called Antania. I too am on a journey to find someone." I could tell he no longer wanted to talk about it so I changed the subject of discussion.
   "I fear great danger surrounds me, and I do not want to bring you into this." I realized I sounded very worried.
   "If I didn't want to help you I would have left you in the forest. Now you owe me your life and I will go with you until you repay it. Besides I may come of use later."
   "You already have." He smiled at my words. The first nonsarcastic smile I had seen on his face as of yet. The sounds of drunken voices filled the air and grew louder within the bar. My head began to pound and voices beckoned within, "Harieeh," it spoke. I pressed my fingers to my temple trying to subdue the pain I felt within. Beads of persperation formed at my hairline. I started to grow limp and it was harder to breath, so I stammered outside.
    The cool air filled my lungs and I began to regain my senses. My body cooled down and my thoughts cleared. Whatever force was guiding me it was commanding me to go to Harieeh. Wasn't father in Harieeh? Somehow the business with father was intertwined with the mystery behind this sword and my destiny. We were going to Harieeh.
    "Are you alright? he asked suspiciously.
    "Yes I'm fine now. We are going to Harieeh!" I turned and went back into the inn and up the stairs to rest before we left. 
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