Chapter 7

       I stood with Crux in my hand. The mist swelled around my ankles disguising the ground as a delicate mass. My intense fear blinded my thoughts and the world became a confusing dream. Ahead my destiny lay, through the mist which hid the true nature, good or bad, of the path I must take.
      I sensed another figure beside me, but the mist hid him also. I felt the thoughts of my companion fill my mind with anguish. I was not ready I thought while I stared into the dark hole of the future. I was not ready I thought again. Shouting I spiraled down to my hidden destiny.

       The light filtered in the room and across my body as I tried to collect my thoughts. My troubles weighed y mind and made it hard to organize the days ventures. So much relied on me when I didn't even know the full extent of my responsibilities as the "bringer of justice."  I still felt a subtle pain in the back of my head, and exhaustion made it hard to move.
       This was not like me, but ever since I had been taken in by those natives I had been virtually helpless without Darian. My pride flared upon my cheeks. Anger filled me and I thought I was not helpless!! I was a swordsman and swordsmans had to be strong. I nodded my head, agreeing with my newfound confidence. My fingers searched for Crux underneath the wooden resting place. Once I felt its soothing cool feel of metal I snatched it up and fascined it to me. Cooly and calmly I trod my way down the inn stairs and out the door. I waited there for several minutes wondering if perhaps he had left me all alone.
        I tied my wild hair back into a braid. My clothing was already worn from the few days away from home. My face was dirty and my hair impossibly tangled. It reached past my waist in a tangled conglomeration. Darian was not outwardly big and brawny, but instead he was thin and limber and his strength was less shown on the outside, somewhat like me. One thing, which reassured me, was that I had Crux which made me more dominant than anyone.
        "There was not enough money for two horses." I pulled something out of my small bag and fed it to the white horse. Its brown eyes sprakled in the light and it rubbed its nose affectionately against my black cloak. It was getting to hot to wear the cloak even though it hid my sword. So i took it off and turned around to face him. My gray pants had holes from being drug across the forest floor and my tunic sagged. Overall I was a pathetic sight.
       " We must go." I announced. Darian climbed on the white horse and held out his hand,
       "Hope you don't mind." he asked as he held out his hand.  
       "Not at all," I said. No harm in accepting his help this once, I thought as I swung on the horse behind him. I wrapped my arms around him as  I tried to keep my balance. That was no problem but I rigured I would hold on just incase. It was hours later when we arrived at Odemi.
        Odemi was the last city before Harieeh. The horse's body heaved as we entered the market place and slowed to a walk. I landed on my feet in the middle of the closest stand and quickly pulled out some change to buy a fresh fruit. I devoured it within seconds and decided that the next order of operations would be to get some supplies and rest.                                                                                                                                                                               
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