Chapter 8

      Cai gazed through the crowds of people as they bustled through the many sections of the market. He marveled at how much taller he was than all the common folk. If only they knew he was a prince, then he would not be so overlooked. He looked over at the window of a small home which lined the wide dirt road with the fruits and goods of life.l
       Three handsome young ladies googled and eyed Cai. He wondered what they thought of him. They flustered every time he turned his head in their direction, and their cheeks took the most royal flush of red. They had golden locks which shined brilliantly and it made him think of what his lady would be like. She would not be foolish, indeed she would be truly like no other. His stride quickened and the crowd began to part ahead.

        I felt a hard thud, which almost knocked me over as a figure approached through the crowd. When I looked up I saw my brothers white blond hair and smiling blue eyes. He too was about a head taller than I.
       "Cai?" I said extremely shocked at finding him here. Darian didn't move.
       "N.. Nev?" Is that you in those grungy clothes, wi ... With a sword? Isn't that..... Undignified of a .......lady?" He stammered. It wasn't exactly what he had wanted to say but the dirt on her face made her almost indistinguishable from anyone else in the crowd.

        My blood boiled inside of me. Every fiber of my being seared through the compassion in my soul. I went to lash out at him, because I felt how everything had gone wrong. Everything! I tried fiercely to hit his arms with my fists and give myself some relief of this great pain inside.
       "I'll ..... GIVE........... YOU.......DIGNIFIED! CAI DEMIETRY!!!" My anger vented on the hard muscles of his arm as I charged him with my fists. I only got three hits when Darian grabbed my wrists.
       "Let go of me!!!" I sneered wiggling in his arms.
       "I love you too! Haha," Cai chuckled completely amused. "And who might you be?" Cai addressed Darian. I stopped struggling and Darian released his firm grip on my wrists. I had no chance struggling, he was too strong. Utterly angry I walked off fuming into the shade to cool down as the two of them became acquainted.
       "My name is Darian. And you are?"
       "Cai. I wanted to thank you for holding her back from attempting to take her wrath out on me."
       " She sure is passionate." Darian concluded.

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