At last the page appears!!  Sorry Lara :) Hahahaha...but its not finished, I need more pics!  

This is Laura for many people who don't know her,  though everyone should know her cos she is the one with the very loud voice. 

This girl is dangerous, believe me!  She has very sharp claws and uses them, to most peoples annoyance, very well to get what she wants....I can back this up:

CASE #1:   We were on the bus once and she "stole" my chewing gum, much to my annoyance, and so as anyone would do, I tried to retrieve my precious gum.  After succeeding to acquire the remaining pieces, as she had pigged the rest, she lashed out and started to fight back!  She bit me!  I had teeth marks in my arm for the rest of the week.

CASE #2:   Later that month so I remembered, we all went off to Hinckley for another piss up.  After few clubs and a few vodkas we moved on to Zuu.  There I was with my reasonably small amount of cash, as me, being the nice innocent person in all of this, bought her and Vix and other people drinks earlier, so by the time we all reached Zuu I was digging well into my wallet for the remaining change.  So I managed to get enough money for my drink and went to the bar and got my drink.  On walking back to rejoin our mob my drink was viciously ripped from my hands by the infamous Laura.  Now enough was enough, this was MY drink and as it seemed to be the I would be able to afford without scrounging.  She had stepped beyond the line!  I went to claim back my rightful drink from Laura but much to my horror one swift claw movement found my arm scratched and sore!  What a evil biatch! 

Case #3: Cinema:  The return of the Pig! (no shit)

On this occasion Laura ate a whole Large size popcorn and drank more of my Pepsi.  The answer I am trying to find is how?! That's like loads!

I have learnt from these experiences that you should never buy a girl a drink or anything, cos they are greedy pigs.  There will be...I'm sure more cases of gluttony to follow. 




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