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All Teenagers Are Drunken Dope Addicts or Glue Sniffers


Vix Wants A Slap


I have added some more pics to the site showing images linked with a sheep.

Check em out here

It has to be said that Vix's page has to be the most popular of the pages up so far and I'm not surprised.  If you haven't seen it then your definitely missing something.  


Move your fat fingers here to see her in her gear!

The new Lara page is now up, but I need more pics!  Laura you said that you were going to give some more today but I put these bad ones up!

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Well, here is my pathetic attempt at creating a website!


I have nowhere near finished it yet, and I will continue to update it as I go along but for now this'll do. Please take moment to go and have a look at some of the mocking pictures I have placed on the site.


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