I have compiled a small collection of rather worrying photos, of a seemingly innocent girl….well, so I thought anyway!

One point is to never underestimate Vix.  She seems (when she isn't in D.P.M.) to be that of a normal person...but now the truth has been revealed. 

Vix enjoys galloping round in D.P.M. with her assortment of weaponry, attacking and hurting people.  She also happens to be quite skilled with knives and has a rather disturbing collection. 

She is a member of the "Thornton Cadets", which perform some very strange rituals around Thornton Reservoir that include "Space Walking"??...(no idea), and lifesaving wearing bikinis, so I was told anyway.  Recently she has met some new Braunstone friends that go by the names of "Deathman","Stoneman" and "Knifeman" although "Deathman" is now her worst enemy as he raped and apparently raped the rest of her family while he was at it too. 


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