Never Forget 11 September 2001!
A tribute to America's Spirit, the lifes lost and those forever changed, as a result of the cowardly terrorist attacks on The United States of America 11 September 2001.

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the USA will survive!
Life, as we knew it, changed drastically 09/11/2001. Now more then ever, we realize how fragile life really is. Our hearts break for the loved ones whose lives were stolen, those injured and the innocence we, as a country, have lost. We WILL overcome! We are NOTafraid! And we WILL get those responsible! God Bless America! Marking Six Months 11 March 2002 Approaching One Year
lives remembered
Star Ledger
CNN's Memorial
biographical sketches
NY Times

Both the Newark Star Ledger and the New York Times ran special 'tribute' obituaries to honor the lives of those murdered in the terrorist attacks 09/11/2001; both are now online. CNN has one of the most comprehensive and informative sites with a large special memorial section for those who lost their lives 11 September 2001.
9-11 INFORMATION of interest to NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS affected by the attacks.
Updated 23 August 2002
Read some of the memorials, tributes, witness and survivors accounts of the attacks. Most of these sites give you the ability to add your own thought.

Want to help but don't know how?
Consider one of these organizations dedicated to helping rebuild America and the lives affected by the attacks.
New organizations were added 23 August 2002.

My experiences and feelings surrounding that fateful day. Read what others have been inspired to write about the events of 11 September 2001.

-added 8 March
With the above in mind, we've all heard or read some of the 'urban legend' type stories that started making the rounds within hours of the first attack. I'm sure, many people were as fooled by some of them as I was. Learn which are 'fact' and which are 'fiction' through some of these links. factfiction

USA Memorial Quilt
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