Hi I'm CHARLIETUNA, aka Charles Lee.

My latest pictures are under Swiss Trip '98.

Most of my links involve photography or travel, check them out if you like that kind of fare.

Last Messed Up 9-25-04


Baja 2000 (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!) Spring vacation.
SWISS TRIP '98 Photo's from an old hiking trip.
Caution!! Numerous pictures. May take a while to load.

Lead On Holmes! A virtual hike through Switzerland's Bernese Oberland.
Caution!! About 500kb of pictures, this will take a while to load.

Oregon Ho!Bike riding in the Pacific Northwest.

What's a TUNA look like? Foto's of the fish himself. Ok it's just me.
MY PHOTO'S Some of my own pictures I happen to like.
PHOTO LINKS Other sites in Geocities and elsewhere that I've enjoyed.


In Progress & Continuing Projects

Bookworm The TUNA's favorite authors, books, and a few reviews.

TUNACASSEROLE Some of my favorite recipes. Are you really that desperate for something new to cook? Oh well, it's your stomach. Bon Appetit!

SCULPTURE Some of the pieces I've created in the last couple of years. Some of it's for sale, some not.


My interests include: Hiking, bike riding, and lots of reading, especially SF/Fantasy, mystery, and travel.
I am currently 44.
I live in Green Acres,(no jokes please), in the center of Illinois.
Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University,
Currently I do contract management work in the electric utility construction sector.
(Translation: I fix big teapots. Really BIG teapots.)


Luzern Sunset

Lugano Church Tower

Sertig Pass, Switzerland

Engelhut above Meiringen, Switzerland

Poschiavo, Switzerland

Full Moon Over Doe Bay, San Juan Islands, Washington


I cleaned these out Sept. 04. Hope the remainder are still functional.

Underwater photos, in Italian but easy to find.

If you enjoy photography don't miss this site by Charles Daney!
An incredible number and variety of links to photographic resources
and photographic gallery sites.
Dig into this one folks, it deserves some serious consideration.
Charles Daney Homepage

This is the website for the Swiss Rail system. It has an on-line Timetable & reservation system.
This can check train schedules for other countries in Europe also.
A handy reference site with lots of train photo's and even apartment rentals.
Swiss Federal Railroad Homepage


  1. Iraq...NRA...A marriage made in heaven?
  2. Terrorist Dictionary Contractor ____ (def) target .... see also Chump, Chum, Sucker
  3. Bush...Kerry --- Fric...Frac
    Bush...Probably not the worlds best President.
    Kerry...Worlds best Monday morning President.

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    I hope you found something here you liked and that you will return often.
    I will be adding more pictures, the links list will continue to grow,
    the Bookworm section will expand, and who knows,
    I might even come up with some good jokes.

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