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October 7, 2002 I took over a position in the Hotel and
Restaurant Business in Ireland for one year, but finally I stayed
there up to the end of 2005. I was working inthe Restaurant
(which is famous for its creative cuisine) of a Hotel about 40
minutes east of Dublin in the County called Kildare. The hotel
is an old castle, built many centuries ago.

Up to
July 9, 2004 I lived in an old appartment in an old house, about 2 miles away from the hotel and in the middle of nowhere. I shared this lousy appartment with some 3 guys who also worked  in the hotel. I didn't like it there, but I had no real choice. The only advantage was that it was cheap and that  I could  save some money.

Early January 2003 I had two weeks holidays, but I could not leave the country because I did not yet have my official working permit ;-). In the meantime  I got it and I could  make a short trip to Switzerland in February to my school and to see some friends there. My next trip to Switzerland was going to be in June of 2003, but did unfortunately not materialize!

After almost 13 months  I was  slowly but surely getting sick and tired of working and living  in Ireland and I was planning to go somewhere else as soon as I could. This was, however, going to take  a few more months, because I had to  first  find another job elsewhere. One option I was pursuing was to look for a job on a cruise boat. The other was  to look for a job in England or  Switzerland, but I knew this was not going to be easy.  So I finally had to force myself to stay here much longer than originally planned..

I had to leave the country by January 10, 2004. This because I didn't  receive my working permit on time; the previous permit was a one-year-permit for training purposes and  expired in October 2003.  I (or rather my boss) wanted to apply for a new  permit already a while ago, but I only realized then that my passport was going to expire soon. So I first had to have it prolonged at the Thai Embassy in London which took ages. I then got my passport back, but not yet the working permit for staying longer in Ireland. My boss told me that he would mail the permit to Thailand as soon as he would get it. So I left for Thailand on January 10 and I was not unhappy about that, as It  allowed me to go home again after more than 3 years. I had booked a return ticket and hoped to be able to come back after a few weeks, so that I could  finish my contract and save some more money which I badly needed.

I was then back in Ireland and at my job on
March 5, 2004. I intende  to stay till about October  and I still hoped to find a job on a cruise boat or anywhere else after that. However, things turned out to be different than planned......

9th July 2004 I moved to another house, where I felt  much more comfortable than in the old house. I also had  a bus connection  to go to work. And, thanks god, access to internet which I did not have before.  And, what's more important  to me, I met there a nice guy who then became my boyfriend, believe it or  not! This is also the reason why I'm still here; 46  months already! I n fact, I  will stay here for good, particularly since my relationship got really serious, actually  so serious that I'm now married and since May 8, 2006 I'm also proud mother of a lovely boy.   My husband and I have also moved away and we live now in Dublin. Needless to mention that I left my job at the hotel already many months ago.

August 17 to 29, 2006 we spent our holidays in Switzerland where we visited old friends and "presented" our son Oliver to them. We stayed in Z�rich, Basel, and in Vevey on lake Geneva.

Click here to see my son

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