New (and old) friends
Changed my hairstyle in mid-February.
It's sooo much easier in the morning, I now sleep 10 minutes longer and I do need it, as I have to get up sometimes already at 5 o'clock to be ready at the hotel at 6.30
Also my twin sisters (Pom on the left andTuk on the right) thought that this is a good idea. Now we can continue exchanging boyfriends without risking to be recognized ;-)
Oliver, the son of P'Pak, is a good looking guy, isn't he? A bit shy at first, but....
....soon we both put on a timid smile and
after a "warm-up" period.... (Put your
mouse over the pic for more :-) )
... we are now good friends. By the way, Oliver is a fan of Thailand and has been there many times. Go to "Links" and click his pic to see his homepage.
This is Poe. She is from Chiangmai and finished her Hotel Management studies in Switzerland in May 2002. She is now in the US for further studies. Here we are at the "3-country-corner" in Basel, where France, Germany and Switzerland meet.
Bee and Ad, my best friends. Here after my graduation ceremony in Bangkok in 1999.
Uen, who lives in Basel and whom you have seen before, has become a good friend
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