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At School
My class
To see me, Click to enlarge
With one of our teachers, or does he just think he is one?
Back from a visit to a brewery
A break in a nearby cafe
A Chinese and a Thai beauty
In traditional dress with ..........
...and ready for the ball
These pictures have been shot at or near my school on the shore of Lake Geneva during late summer of 2002.  Some of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.
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In the Snow
New Year's Eve
New and Old Friend
At School
Fun Page
Other Pics
Who is this beauty?
Momoko and Alice - both back home now
Sportsday in Brig - Poe (center), me and the others just watching ;-)
But Noon has actively participated  over  100 meters in  42 seconds,  isn't she fast?
Momoko from Japan and Alice from S.Korea
(The yellow background is just coincidence)
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
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