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Existential, Metaphysical word art
Hello, this page is for the cause of waking us up.   I, as a part of the everything which is myself, am becoming more and more a listener of truth.  This is because this part of myself is waking up, and so it is therefore trying to start a chain reaction.  To be or not to be will always be the question, but the motivation is in constant flux.

Realise that besides all this crazy thinking, I'm just out to be happy and in love.  Also, although I have tried to sort my writing into catagories, most of them intermingle topics anyway... but that's how it works.

p.s. hello, you are we, we is all, all is me, hello.
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I have tried to sort my ideas into the most basic of catagories, click a link below to read a rant.
basic consciousness
higher consiousness
good and evil
below are some pictures I've taken, click the link to view/download
fall leaves.jpg Mt. Skinner view leslie and joe ravers art leslie's room white manikin
looks like a Monet Mt. Tom view
nice mountain top shot rocks leaves moss
side of connecticut river
small rock wall in woods trees on Mt. Skinner
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