Shifting Paths~ the World of Witches
Welcome... I am Nephys Set, priestess and witch, and this is one of many gateways. The paths beyond are numerous and diverse, and they represent a world just as varied.

The world of modern paganism is one of sacred paradox. It is a world of fellowship and also of solitude, a place of joyfull play, and deep difficult work. It is a world we may walk together, and yet, each and every one of us experiences it in our own unique way.

Those who seek to tread this path, do so with the greatest freedom: Free WIll, knowing that the rewards are great, as are the challenges.

If you venture within, go with respect, and this blessing: know thyself deeply and thoroughly and trust in the self above any other.
Perhaps our paths will cross along the way...
The Goddess: change and growth
The God: tricksters I have known
Shamanism: walking the worlds
Faeries: divine play
The Arts: making magick
The Future: personalized religion
Crossroads: Links
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