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Class Project

The class project for the 2003 HSCC will be to create a website that will be linked to the BDPA-Seattle website and represent the SITES Program for the year 2003-2004. The purpose of this project is to enable students to practice and demonstrate HTML, program management, system development, and communication skills. Links to each team's project are shown below. In addition to this web page, a Word Document describing the class project is also available.

Project Objectives

Project objectives are:
  1. To assist other students in their college planning by providing information about, or links to:
    1. Scholarship information
    2. Searching for colleges information
    3. Mastering the SAT/ACT tests
  2. To inform the public about the SITES Program
  3. To provide information on internships.
    This must include links to at least three websites that include information about internships. Within the three links, there should be at least one link to the BDPA Student Internship Program
  4. To provide information on training resources
    At a minimum, this must include links to IT courses or tutorials on the web.
  5. To provide information about your group that will at minimum include:
    1. Group name
    2. Team members name
    3. Bios for each team member
    4. Special interests of each team member

Project Guidelines

  1. The team website must meet all objectives
  2. The team website must include at a minimum:
    1. One Form
    2. One frame
    3. One Table
    4. Site Map
    5. SITES Program description
    6. Headers on all web pages
    7. Comments within code
    8. Link from the team website back to BDPA Seattle’s website
    9. Corporate Sponsor Page

Project Points

Item Points
Documentation/Status Reports 25
Teamwork 25
Meeting Project Objectives 25
Meeting Project Guidelines 25
Total 100

Project Documentation Templates

Shown below is a list of templates that should be used by the each team to record various aspects of their project.

Team Web Sites

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