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This page provides links to tutorials and other sites that provide help with HTML and web site design. Most of these links have been provided by BDPA HSCC students.

In addition, to HTML and web help links, a link is provided below to an example web page that is related (hint hint) to our HTML homework. A frames example is also shown.

Get Help on the Web

Site NameSite Description May be the best overall site for HTML training. Easy to use, excellent tutorials and examples, and covers style sheets.
HTML Tutorial This site is an extremely easy-to-use site for finding any HTML tag and its attributes. It provides guidelines as to the advisibility of using any given tag or attribute.
PageTutor This site is intended to be used as a tutorial for learning HTML. Once you have fought your way through the very busy Home Page, you will find an easy-to-use, helpful, step-by-step approach to building web pages using all HTML tags. Initial lessons show you how to create simple pages. Subsequent lessons show you how to add more and more features to your web pages.
Web Developers Notes This is a great site that provides a wide-ranging, easy-to-read set of materials covering most aspects of the web. It includes an HTML tutorial, many web design tips, free software, and much more. I highly recommend this site.
HTML Help Central This is a great site for the tags covered; however, it does not cover the TABLE tag and does not show all tag attributes. It is easy to use and organized around what you want to do. For example, two menu selections are "Start a New Line" and "Start a New Paragraph." This site also is a great design example in its use of font color, font size, navigation, and overall readibility.
HTML Help Online This site is dedicated to helping the beginning HTML programmer. Beginners can use it much like a book. If you want to learn how to write HTML this is a great place to start. If you already know HTML and simply need to look up a tag and its syntax, go to HTML Tutorial
HTML cheatsheet A good, quick HTML coding reference.
HTML Index Great index of HTML tags, each of which is hyperlinked to all its details.
Building Web Pages This web site is a set of links to a wide variety of help for building web pages. It has some neat links for graphics.
Web Design Group Help This site is provided by the Web Design Group which was founded to promote the creation of non-browser specific, non-resolution specific, creative and informative sites that are accessible to all users worldwide. To this end, the WDG offers material on a wide range of HTML related topics. Using this site as a reference will help you create Web sites that can be used by any person on the Internet, regardless their browser, platform, or settings.
Intro to HTML This is basically a textbook on HTML. It covers a level of detail that the average HTML developer will never need to know. Nevertheless, I'm leaving this reference in here because it was developed at my Alma Mater!
Advanced HTML For Beginners Now there's an oxymoron! This is not a good place to look up HTML syntax or a good place to start. However, the forum is somewhat interesting and this site allows you to ask questions of experts and to also see the questions and answers of others.
Funky Chicken If you like to have your screen filled up with banners, this is the site for you! The only redeeming value of this site is its "Related Sites" Menu.

Example HTML Code

  • HTML Fundamentals

  • This web page features a table containing most of the things we learned in the first HTML lecture. We tried to build this page at the end of HTML Part I. In the HTML Part II, we discussed how to build this page which consists primarily of a 3X3 table with each cell in the table illustrating a different type of HTML tag. In HTML Part II we illustrated how this table can be incrementally updated to incorporate additional HTML syntax. This examples features a table within a table. (See the contents of the lower right cell). This HTML example can be endlessly updated to test and illustrate HTML features. To see the HTML source code for this page select "Source" under the "View" pulldown on your browser.

  • Frames Example
    The above link provides a simple example of frames. When the frames example appears, under the "View" menu, select "Source" and you will see the source code for the framsets. In each frame, right click your mouse and select "View Source." This will show you the source code for the HTML displayed in that frame.
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