Even assuming you've been to my Icons/Cursors section, you still need to stop by here and check some of my desktop wallpapers out. For convenience, I've separated them into 2 sub-sections - Stretch and Tile.
     I store them here as GIF's and JPEG's, but to use them you have to click the link, then right-click the picture and select "Save As..." and save them as bitmaps.
     To apply a wallpaper, right-click the desktop and click Properties, and make sure you're in the Background tab. Browse for the bitmap you want to use by pressing the Browse button and finding the picture.
     Enjoy : )
*Stretch Wallpapers*
SDF Macross 1 (Jets)
SDF Macross (Lifting off)
SDF Macross (Sharon Apple)
SDF Macross (Hovering)
Terminator Endoskull In Fire
The Persistence Of Memory
*Tile Wallpapers*
256-Colour (from Windows 3.1)
Blocks (collection from Windows 3.1)
Cars (from Windows 3.1)
Flock (from Windows 3.1)
Grids (collection)
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