This is my section dedicated to CD->MP3 copying, a.k.a. "ripping". At the bottom of the page are the links to all the MP3 tools I've used and would recommend to you.

Please take my advice and never use the following:
Blade encoder It's horrible. Downright horrible. Don't even give this encoder to your worst enemy.
MusicMatch JukeBox Its built-in encoder is FastEnc. MP3's it makes have problems with stereo collapse. There's also more flanging than would occur with a proper encoder like Fraunhofer ACM.
AudioCatalyst or RealJukeBox/RealOne they use the speed-oriented Xing encoder. Although the very newest version of Xing isn't horrible, it's still pretty bad, and I don't know what version is packed in the latest RealOne or AudioCatalyst. Not to mention everything made by RealNetworks is a possessive bitch that tries to hold your system hostage not unlike a virus.
Windows Media Player Microsoft product. Also a possessive bitch. 'Nuff said.
*MP3 Tools*
MP3 EncSpot (For scanning folders of downloaded MP3's to see what encoder(s) was/were used)
MP3 Tag Studio (A mass ID3v1 tagging tool)
MP3Gain (using this on MP3's is better than normalizing the WAV's before encoding. Use this INSTEAD of peak-normalizing)
MP3Utility (checks MP3's for errors)
Nero - Burning ROM (the best burning software)
*MP3 Encoders*
*MP3 Players*
*CD rippers*
AudioGrabber (shareware)
Exact Audio Copy (beta)

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