Dark Swamp School
Where are my eyes? And why is the hat on my mouth?
Tyraction the Wise One says: Welcome to my school
Do you want to take a course here and become a wizard? Hah! You have to train! Train, train, train! If you are strong, and above level 3... Perhaps i'll think about it.
But you have to get some items for me before i'll learn you my spells!
Level 1 or 2: Get outta here!
Level 3:
Book of Fire Magic
Reward: Ring of Fire
Level 4:
Scary Potion
Reward: Darkness Shield
Level 5:
Book of Fairy Tales
Reward: Rainbow Kick
Level 6:
Skimlet Potion
Reward: Poisonous Acid

Level 7:
Poison Powder
Reward: Sleepy Spores

Level 8:
Radio-active Mace
Reward: Glowing Fist

Level 9+
Coming soon!
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