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Friday the 30th of January (return of news)

*Yay! News is back. We don't have really much news today.
*First some old news
   -World of Magic changed name to World of       fright (it was more scary than magical)
   -Added 2 pets, Chitch and Nimbus
   -Added a lot of less important stuff.

Saturday the 31th of January

*VirtuGuy explorers have discovered that VirtuWorld has a moon. Some aliens have been discovered there! They are selling some stuff, and even have made a robot version of Skimmitro!
Friday the 6th of February
*Oh no! You-know-who is making his way back! The triple axe also known as the Elemental Master has been spotted, flying above shopping district in a flying saucer. And what happens on the moon?
*The lord of evil strikes again! Micro, he who defeated him is the victim?! His pets have been made worthless, pathetic creatures. Is all hope lost for Virtu.. *kchh* *kchcchchkkkm* *bzz*
(Enter Passcode:)
(Correct. Welcome Elemental)
It's elemental master to you!
Aah, you punny mortals can't stop me! A master genius like me can easily enter. Now, I want to say to you that VirtuWorld is doomed! Now that TryHard and his buddies have became worthless, I am unstoppable! I will retake this planet! It is mine! You puny VirtuGuys will fall
(LogOut. Goobye Elemtental)
Stupid system...
*kchhhkkk* *bzzzz* *zapp* *krr*

Wednesday the 11th of February
?*The Firebulb LongLife is saved by none other than Micro himself! Only 2 more pets! What is the elemental Master up to?
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