Welcome, to one of those virtual pet sites. This one is called VirtuGuys. O, they make up the strangest names for those sites! Well, VirtuGuys has (or will be having) a lot of features.  Best of all it is TOTALLY FREE!!!!
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Do you want to be a member of this site too? It is easy, and free. Just send an email to [email protected]. If you know Sander Peters personally, you can tell it to him too. Show in the mail:

Your desired username,
Your real name,
and your living place.

Then check the stats building to see if you are added.

Good luck!

DragonKiller gone crazy!
Oh no! DragonKiller attacked Mister X and went totally crazy. Luckily, Mister X's extreme power destroyed him for once and for all!
The Legend of VirtuGuys
Who made us?
What will be the next pet colour
Silver, very expensive
Something silly, like eggs!
Pink, so cute...
Rainbow, it would fit in the land of the star!
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