On this page you can see all pets on VirtuGuys. We are still adding pets, so keep checking back here!
Scamander is the cheapest of all the Virtuguys, because he has no element. He only learns fighting attacks. Pussyfish live deep underwater.They're full of courage, and will never run away from a fight. The most famous pussyfish is Pussetra.
This guy with 8 faces, is always happy, and always sad! If they stick together, they are full of electricity. They evolve to Lightnike Onko is a happy fellow, with the power to blast fire. Although, his fire is not so powerfull, when out of fire, he uses this claws. They change into Fyronko
Dragoon is the meanest under the VirtuGuys. His razorsharp teeth can bite even through metal! He can set his tail on fire, and then strike! Their second phase is Flamadrake
This guy is called Snoopdog. He can fly high in the sky. He is always friendly to humans, but in a fight, he can pack some punch! Skimlet has the power over the nature. He can rise up vines from the ground, and can fire spores from his hat. They transform to Tropia Abstractions are born out of a broken mirror, and are made up out of different shapes. he can throw shapes at enemies in a fight! Flaner came from the World of Magic. Before they can have a owner, Flaners must train at the Wizard School. Then, he can learn some strong spells!
This penguin loves ice-cream, and skating. There are no manly Squagles, only women. He can jump so high that he nearly flies! His expression is shown on his chest.
Aerallies like to fly, because they've got six wings and a proppeler. Sometimes, a group of Aerallies, and a group of Snoopdogs hold a big flying competition. Aerallies mostly win, because of their proppelors. Mutatiks are hideous creatures. They like to walk on boneyards. His eyes are popped out of his head. With his arms and legs he can climb vertical walls
Weartiles live underwater, together with Pussyfishes. Their arms are screwed up, and his ears shoot bubbles. He can also bury himself in the ground. Deltrape is extremely strong, and hairy. His right arm is a cannon, and with his left arm he can break a wooden plate in two pieces! Torkies live near Kohran, in a big cave. They are ruled by some Commanders, who can be recognized by their blue skin.
Inchworm is a worm with no end... The eye is on a yellow bulb in the middle, and he can hypnotize people with it. Not a normal frog.... Frocklets really hate veggies, they only eat flesh! Thats what they have their teeth for. Not a rabbit, neither a sabre tooth tiger, but he is a Grussy! Grussy's teeth can make holes in the deepest plates! They turn into Grover.
Dreik's are fat, but they are loyal to their owners. But when they're attacked, beware their spikey tails! Matro may look like a christmas tree, but he isn't... His dark parts are very hot, while his light parts are static!
Nimbus... Ah, such an original name for a cloud-ghost. He is a phantom, as well as a cloud! He is good at hiding, that is why they always steal stuff.
Wartix is very rare. But treat him nicely, because if you're mean he will never forget. His IQ is over 200 and his body temperature is even higher!!! He lives in water and eats grass and coral. His fins are normally floppy, but when in danger, they become razorsharp! Chitch are little fish with bawks. They also have some sharp spikes on their back. When they are red, the are VERY angry!
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