The Dojo
Hello young grasshop... Oh whatever, STUDY!
?The Nimbus Master says:"Welcome, young grasshopper"
I might be the Nimbus master. I am the leader of this little Dojo. If you be wanting to learn some skills, you'd better be training here... I am goin' to teach you and learn you in three different skills. They might be the following...

Cloning - Gives Illusionism
Making potions - Gives Chemical
Finding 4-leaf clovers - Gives Luck

But... Me won't do that for free. I be asking you some items. But they not be very common. I be needing different items for every training. I need a spirit rock for Illusionism. I need a poisonous rock for Chemical, and a nature rock for luck. If you pay me, you will be strong.
The rocks look like this:
Nature Rock
Poisonous Rock
Spirit Rock
I hear you asking, how do I get thes rocks? Well, you can buy them at the NVWSFRM (national VirtuWorld store for rich men), for 100.000 PP. But that is a bit much. They can be found randomly on the floor. The shop won't want to buy it for 100.000 PP though. Once you have one, you can only use it to give it to me.
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