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You found me! I don't know how, but you did!!
Now with 100% Idiocy.

Well, you've managed to stumble across my website. Be it on purpose or on accident, I hope you have fun while you're here.

I know this is really why you are here, so I put it at the top.

Updates about the site, my life, and a just general hodgepodge of information

06-15-06: This is Leasha. Since Kev hasn't bothered updating in a while, just figured I might say a few things. Kev moved down to Texas in April of 04, we got married on December 2, 05. Things have been kinda busy around here I guess. Anyway, when he gets back around, everyone should kick his butt for ignoring this place!

03-04-04: Yup, been adding some stuff....wonder if anyone will notice. Don't really care either way, heh. Go ahead and check it out.

02-08-04: Yeah, been kinda ignoring the page for a bit. Lots of craziness on my end. Anyway, peruse as you see fit.

12-12-03: Colored scroll bars, a slight variation in some of the content, and other subtle changes. Life is complex, but good.

11-03-03: Well, I'm back from Texas, hopefully not for long. I'm engaged now! Rock!

10-26-03: OK, that "Holiday" thingy is a button too. My Pictures page is up...I'm gonna be updating pretty regular from here on out, so uh, keep on stopping by.

10-21-03: Well, damned near finished with all the important stuff. from here on out, this should just be little things getting done.

10-19-03: Working on several things, new Guestbook & counter are up, GalleryX is partially done. Check it out!

10-18-03: Checking features, working on things...

06-21-03: Still working on the code for individual pages, but will be ready for launch soon.

06-15-03: I hate HTML.

06-15-03: I'm learning how to do HTML tables! Yay! Soon, I'll be able to upload a much nicer looking "index page" to geocities...Yay!

05-20-03: Added some more artwork.

So I bet you cared a whole lot about all that crap, huh?

A piece of promotional art from Lunar: Silver Star Story.

To contact SightblinderX (me), use the Animal House message boards or even my Guestbook, that works too. Thank you for checking out my site.

Yes, this is a button too.

Personal creations for my favorite fantasy RPG, check them out.

Wierd, fun, and useful things I have run across whilst hanging out online.

A bunch of pictures of me, yeah, I'm a dork. (Periodically will change.)

Animal House message boards

Click this once every 24 hours please, so that I might destroy mine enemies. Oh, yeah, you can join too...

A short run-down on who I am, and how I got here. (coming soon.)

My own personal creations for the best anime-RPG out there. (coming soon.)

I like the Palladium system, and have from time-to-time created my own personal things for it. (coming soon.)

Things that didn't really fit anywhere else, but I wanted anyway.

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