I am carving tiki's Sundays at Kona on PCH, Huntington Beach. Watch while eating or drinking .
Why use NEOARTIST99? Neo means New, rhymes with Geo, I'm an Artist, and I began this site in 1999
      Let's start at the beginning. I was born and raised in Southern California, where I went to college after High School. Like thousands of other kids, I didn't know what to study and got bored, then left after a year to go surfing . At 22 or 23, I entered college again because of a GIRL ( I love 'em), but I took only what I liked; Art classes. I was beginning my Art career by doing a few paintings or drawings when, at 25, I was in a very bad car crash. It put me in a
COMA for over 2 months, paralyzed the right side of my body, broke many bones on the left, and ripped or cut other parts.

     I spent many years since 1984 trying to recover. I spent the
entire first summer trying to relearn how to walk and talk.  Because my brain was also damaged, I went back to school to relearn basic things I should've known. Amid surgeries and rehab, I struggled for 10 years to finally graduate from Long Beach University. Before you think of an impressive degree, my BA is in Art. It seemed easy for me since I've loved Art my whole life. But I DID struggle, AND PASS Physics and Trig.

      Because my left side was hit, and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, that explains why my right was paralyzed. But the left brain also does the analytical and scientific thinking, of which I had an absolutely horrible time with then, and still do. Luckily (if it can be said), the undamaged (or
LESS damaged) right side is where the abstract, creative thinking derives from. My best choice: become the Artist that I tried to avoid because many become famous only after DEATH.
       By the way,
I DID DIE in the hospital - a few times
Tiki Masks, Art,  and  Tiki Lounge Ware
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Nurdles turned into "Mermaid Tears" for this environmental art piece. Click picture for more, or words for info.  Ended exhibit at HB Surf Museum  to accompany speaker of Ocean pollution at Algulita Marine Research foundation
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