10/30/06 - So, I came across this site at random (seeking through it to cause more mayhem in my current, though undisclosed, location). That failed rather predictably, so instead, I bring you an URGENT UPDATE!!! Nate (of the DOGGS) Yopu H. seeks inspiration. All sorts needed, but please, serious inspirations only. Reply whenever you can, at wherever he is. Ta!

02/16/06 - It has been over one year and one month since the last update (besides the kidnap of Taco). It also was about one month ago that Taco was returned to trevor (ADLFIII). There has been many lies spread around about the location of said cow being out of state, when in all honesty, it was kept at a secret location in Oshkosh. Pope Tony (of the High Sierra) decided to return him until it is necessary that he be returned.

Spring '05 sometime - With the death of Pope John Paul II, the College of Cardinals elected our own Tony (of the High Sierra) as the new Pontiff. He shall from this point on be known on this site as Pope Tony (of the High Sierra).

01/11/05 - Details have been released. It has been confirmed that has reopened. Go there!

01/??/05 - something happened, information has yet to be released.

12/29/04 - feeling that this site needed just a little update, Tony (of the High Sierra) restarts working on his site,, which will look similar to until he decides to give it a makeover.

12/22/04 - On a dare, Tony (of the High Sierra) visits the site and is impressed with the long awaited update.

11/26/04 (yeah, that's almost 2 years since the last entry) - so apparently my memory sucks. but apparently trevor (ADLFIII)'s doesn't; he just told me the password to this site the other day. yay. so anyways, now i feel oblidged to write something. since i'm fairly sure no one actually looks here anymore. anyways, um, the radio drama version of the pirate joke was recently recovered, and has been transfered to cd. unfortunately, i can't put it online, because geocities is stupid. but whatever. here's to the prof, however, which is approximately kadorak's song, is now online. in the downloads section. something. something something something. and by the way, if you care, the password's libtech. i trust ye guys (and hey, this way i can't possibly forget it!)

12/8/02 - the Pirate Font for windows AND mac is now up! amaze your teachers by printing out your next report with swashbuckling style. check the Stuff section

12/23, at about 7 pm wherever the hell we are- Jose Lopez has returned from Canada on a short visit. yeah. when asked how he likes Applesville so far, he replied, "Since around 7"

sometime not too long ago - Jose reports that all the pink fuzzy bunnies in Canada have been masacered. A memorial service will be announced soon.

while trevor (ADLFIII) was gone - trevor (ADLFIII) breaks ankle

Secret Unknown Date - trevor (ADLFIII) returns.

8/4 - trevor (ADLFIII) leaves for massachusetts

7/24 - it has been confirmed that jose lopez has fled to canada.  he did not say goodbye to anyone, though, because he had chores to do.

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