the following is an abridged history of all information was painstakingly researched by three drunken bums from off the street.  the history itself goes back to the creation of and goes all the way to the present. the three drunken bums are currently working night and day to make a more complete history that they hope may be sold someday as a classic nonfiction book. we don’t think this is possible, but don’t tell them. thank you.


THE HISTORY of was started in the late 20th century by two aristocratic bums named trevor (ADLFII) and nate (of the DOGGS) who would wander around for days on end in malls with golf clubs saying “gadzooks.”  when was created, they devoted their time to skating, walking the mall with golf clubs and saying “gadzooks,” blowing stuff up, making long pointless home videos, and acting like drunken, stoned bums. while engaged in these activites, they made a discovery. they named it “death”, the process that occurs before you die. unfortunately; they were simultaneously killed by their own discovery. trevor (ADLFII) jumped off the worlds highest bridge while nate (of the DOGGS) was blown into several thousand small pieces by high tech, experimental, top-secret cherry bombs. their coffins were lain side by side but unfortunately the funeraly was crashed by a bum off the streets...we'll call him jose lopez. he incinerated one casket (trevor's (ADLFII)) and kicked the other's (nate's (of the DOGGS)) into the sea where it sunk and remains lost to this day. unfortunately, jose escaped. our sources tell us he may be attempting to escape into canada, but the date is still unsure. meanwhile, trevor (ADLFIII) and nate (of the DOGGS) (the descendants of trevor (ADLFII) and nate (of the DOGGS) honored the memory of their ancestors by keeping this site alive. both have experienced death several times, but because of modern medicine, have never died.

this last sentence is dedicated in memory of trevor (ADLFII) and nate (of the DOGGS). help us keep their memories alive by sending generous donations of money, land, and expensive cars to us.

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