NEWS UPDATE 10/30/06

hi everybody and welcome to  as you have probably guessed, this site is dedicated to the discoverers of death (see the about page). as you also should have guessed, most of the site has nothing to do with the discoverers of death.  yeah.  so you should tell everyone you know to come here.  by the way, the pirate joke escaped into the stuff section. enjoy.

also, for anyone who cares, conversion of the infamous greece n' italy tapes from 8mm to dvd may well commence soon. ah, what little jems they are.

trevor (ADLFIII) and nate (of the DOGGS)

THE CONTACT INFO FOR trever (ADLFIII) AND nate (of the DOGGS) of doom

e-mail: nate (of the DOGGS): [email protected]

e-mail: trevor (ADLFIII): [email protected]

if you're in appleton, wi, for some weird reason and ya wanna see us, we'll be somewhere in the city. proly. keep looking. you'll find us eventually.

ya know what? screw it. if you want our pics posted up here, send us a Digital Camera. with the software.





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