Welcome to my piece of space on the world wide web. Most probably you are here by mistake. There are very few chances that you will find something interesting/amusing here. I want you to hit back/close button of your browser right now!!!

Now if it is not a mistake and you have made this move intentionally, You can explore it further. As you have just made it here, you can expect to get to know me, nEo_Digits, commonly called by the names nEo_Digits, nEo, Stingy Gujju (Yes YOU Ruthi), and a few more (not worth mentioning here ya know ;)).

As usual this web site is under construction and most probably it will constantly be, you *might* find some broken links.

Thank you for visiting. You can take some more trouble and mail me your comments :). You might find some changes from time to time if you visit it again, but perhaps you wont bother, so dont ;). At last, I want to thank dance for correcting my "n" number of spelling/grammar mistakes and make it look decent. Thanks a lot!!!!!

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