I am just an ATG (Average Technology Geek) trying to add my bit to the current tech Scenario. I am a May born, 22 years old, Fun loving, a Workhorse, a Geek, Happy go lucky kind of guy; Originally from Gujarat, India. This is what I see myself as, your opinion may differ from mine. ;)

I have been also called as cute (eh?), thin/underweight(I am thick enough to be visible-what the heck..heh), supportive, gentleman(yeah beleive it or not), dependable, goofy, entertaining (m not a full time clown..heh) bad, mean, lazy, weird(%$^$^). Pick your choice ;)

If you are here because you know me, you might have used one of the above terms for me or something similar, if not, Please add your unique bit here. I think I am interesting beyond the scope of these words so you might find these page changing a little from time to time. ;)

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