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Tel (Home) : Available On Demand
Email : [email protected]

Seeking a challenging full time position with a growing organization that expects nothing less than a well-designed, efficient network to aid its users to meet and exceed IT and organization goals.

Personal Particulars
Age: 22 Date of Birth : On file
Nationality : Indian Gender : Male
Marital Status: Single Permanent Residence : India

Educational Background
Highest Education :
Level : Graduate Degree Grade : 1st Class
Field of Study : Commerce Major : Computers
Second Highest Education :
Level Microsoft Corporation Certification Field of Study : Computer Networking

Certifications and Training Obtained
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) (in pursue)
MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional - Windows 2000 Server)
MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)
MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
Red Hat Linux
CIC (Indira Gandhi National Open University)

Professional Skills
Installing, Configuring, Designing & Maintaining Linux Based Networks:
Operating Systems : RedHat Linux, Mikrotik PC router OS
Specifications : Sendmail, Spam filtering, FTPD, HTTPD, DNS, DHCP, Samba, NFS, NIS, Squid, Firewalls (using iptables and ipchains), PPP, NAT.
Installing, Configuring, Designing & Maintaining MS Windows Based Networks:
Operating Systems : MS DOS, MS Windows 9x, Win XP Network Operating Systems Windows NT & 2000
Specifications : File and Print Sharing, FTP services, DNS, DHCP, IIS, MS Proxy 2.0, Disk Quotas, User management.
Operational Knowledge Of Setting Up Wire-Less Communication Systems such as wire-less WAN(s)
Cisco 2600 series routers, Cisco Switches, Zyxel DSL modems, Wireless Access Points, D link Broadband modems, Hubs and Switches.
Proficiencies In Wired & Wire-less Communication Media:
Wired Media
Technology : Ethernet LAN/WAN
Standards : 10base2,10base5,10baseT & 100basefx
Cables : Thin Coaxial, Thick Coaxial, STP, UTP & Fiber Optics
Wireless Media
Technology : Ethernet WLAN
Standards : IEEE 802.11, 802.11a & 802.11b
Vendors : Cisco, D-Link, Micronet & Spanco
Languages :
C, Borne Shell (BASH scripting), HTML


Employment History
[1] Company Name : Technet Online Pvt. Ltd. (an ISP)
Position : Sr. Network Engineer
Date Joined Sep 2001 - Present
RESPONSIBILITIES : Designing and Implementation of LAN/WAN/WLAN For Technet Online Pvt. Ltd., Troubleshooting various networking devices under LAN/WAN/WLAN environments
ACCOMPLISHMENTS : Completed projects for several of Technet Online's major clients.
Client Name Gujarat Floro Chemicals Ltd.
Project Details :  
  • Installation and Configuration of A RedHat Linux 7.3 based Gateway Server.
  • Setting up an IPTABLES based firewall.
  • Deploy squid proxy.
  • Set up a Wu-ftpd based FTP server.
  • Samba file and print server.
  • Setup a network monitoring system using NTOP
Client Name : Bluestar India Ltd. Baroda.
Project Details :  
  • Installation & configuration a 30 nodes intranet and a win2000 server
  • Installation & configuration of MS Proxy 2.0 on the server
  • Configure IIS services.
  • Configure & Setup VPN services across the branches
Client Name : Sulzer Pumps Pvt. Ltd.
Project Details :  
  • Establishing LAN environment consisting an NT server & win9x/NT clients.
  • Configure VPN for Client/Server connectivity.
  • Installation & configuration of an Intranet mail server .
[2] Company Name : Aavkar Software Marketing
Position : Sr. Technical Support Executive
Date Joined : Aug 2000
Date Left : Aug 2001
Work Description : Installing, Configuring & Trouble shooting Various Hardware devices. Providing on site technical support for the devices sold by the company to the respective customers.
[3] Company Name : Vora Infonet
Position : Jr. Technical Executive
Date Joined : Feb 1998
Date Left : Jul 2000
Work Description : PC Assembling, Trouble shooting, Installing, Configuring & Troubleshooting various Operating Systems Including Windows 9x, ME, Windows 2000 Professional/Server, Various Linux Distributions, Various Peripherals Repairing & Installing.
Personal Preferences
Willing To Travel: Yes
Willing To Relocate Yes
Availability : Immediately after notice period of 1 month(s)
Groups and Affiliates :  
Moderator – Ahmedabad Linux Users Group.
Moderator – Baroda Linux Users Group.
Member – Linux India Help