Name: Kat Marie
Nickname: Nekos Tears
Age: 19
DOB: Nov, 13th
Horoscope: Scorpio
Element: Water


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Konnichewa! This is Kat and this is my new layout for my updated website. the pic above this page is of one of my fav Jellicel Cats!

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[May 1st, 2005]
updited most of the sites info!!!
I know I have not updaited in a long time, sory just so much has been happening in my life. Such as my wounderful relationship with "Sabin" that has now come to its end...
I added more to "Day to Day",my blog. Added more friends to my friend list, however the friends with !photos! are my friends that are also on My Space*dot com*.More on many subjects to come!

[March 16th, 2005]
This Is the 8th layout I have made, However 3rd layout for this website. The first layout was of a dark blue and black CG art image of a sad anime girl. The 2nd was of the "Phantom of the Opera". Now this one is of One of my fave Jellicel Cats Jemima, from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical "Cats"!
Come back again to find out what I add.

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This layout and others to have past are by
© Neko no' Baka ~2003-2005~

Photo is from the dvd of the musical 'Cats' by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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