What would a fanlisting be without rules? Make sure you follow them or you won't be added to the list!!
1. You must actually like Hitsugi and/or Nightmare to join!! Why else would you be here?
2. You must have a website of some sort, even a journal's fine. Sorry, but there's really no point if you don't have a place to put the code.
3. No, porn, hate, ect. sites or anything I deem inappropriate. Yaoi and other forms of fandom are fine as long as they are used in good taste and your site isn't just basically an anime porn site.
4. Make sure you put up THE CODE!! I'm on the net alot so I'll give you a week to put your code up and I will check. If you don't put it up then I won't add you.
5. Speaking of codes, DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO THE ICONS/CODES!!! And make sure I can find it!! If I can't find it I won't add you.
6. Let me know if you change your email address or URL.
7. In the form where it says, 'Kitty?' put 'Koneko!!' so I know you've read the rules. If you don't you won't be added.

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