About Hitsugi
Hitsugi is the guitarist for the Japanese rock band Nightmare or �i�C�g���A If you'd like to know more about Hitsugi or Naitomea then visit the links at the bottom of this page.

Basic Profile
Name: Hitsugi �l
Position: Guitar
Birthday: 1982�N March 5 / �O�� �ܓ�
Blood type: AB
Height: 164 cm

About Neko Boy
1. Why is this fanlisting called 'Neko Boy'?
That's easy!! Hitsugi loves cats!! 'Neko' is Japanese for 'cat' and 'Neko Boy' is just my nickname for him. Yes, I call him 'Cat Boy'^^ Makes sense now, ne? Hitsugi even wore cat ears for awhile so, I'm not crazy!!

2. How long has this site been around?
The Neko Boy Fanlisting Offically opened on Dec. 16, 2003.

3. Why do all the banners suck?!!
lol B/c *I* made them and I'm not artistically inclined that way. Feel free to make your own but let me know so I can find it and it'd be really cool if you could donate it to the fanlisting so others could use them too.

4. Why is the fanlisting all on one page?!! It's annoying!!
Yes, well pop up ads are MORE annoying and working on geocities there's bound to be pop up ads everywhere and I didn't want that. The way it is now you shouldn't have to deal with more than 2 pop ads your whole time here. Plus if you use the navigation at the top (all those words with the + between them) then it's much easier to navigate. You can use the Back button to go back to the top that way.

5. Why'd you make this site?
Because I couldn't find any fanlisting for Hitsugi and I figured he deserved one. So I guess this makes Neko Boy the first Hitsugi fanlisting, at least to my knowledge.

6. Wow... You must really be obsessed with Hitsugi...

No, not really^^;;; Granted I think Hitsu's cool and all but I'm not obsessed with him. I think his piercings are kick ass. I just mostly did this cuz I really like Nightmare and not all the members have fanlistings yet.

7. So what about all the other members?
Well...there are already fanlistings for Yomi and Sakito so I don't see the point in me making any for them but poor Ruka and Ni~ya don't have any yet!! T_T Are they sooooo unloved?? Espically poor Ni~ya... Like nobody knows anything about him.... Well except for me. I know he's got one hella sexy voice XDDDDD *cough* So I may do one for each of them. At least there's one for Hitsugi now!!

About the Webmistress
My, my. Feeling nosey? Well I'm not actually going to blab excessively about my self here but I will tell you my name's Kohaku. If you wanna know more about me then go to my Journal. I try to keep it updated and I blab a lot there.

This site is copyright Kohaku 2003.
I do not own or even know Nightmare or Hitsugi personally. This is just a fansite and I get no revenue from it whatsoever. Nope, no money... just a whole lot of bitchings at for not doing my homework instead.
The layout was made by Kohaku with Photoshop 6 and Paint Shop Pro 7. No steal-ies mkay?
Thanks to Charissa for your input and support^^ <3

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