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This is a Fanlisting dedicated to Hitsugi, the guitarist of the Japanese rock band Nightmare!! A fanlisting is a group of people who admire a person or thing and want to delcare their admiration for it by joining a group of other people who share the same interests. So if you're a fan of Hitsugi or just a fan of Nightmare in general join the fanlisting!! Read the rules first^^

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Last Updated: 01/13/05
1 New Member added!! Welcome Shin!!

Wooooo.. long time no update ne? XD; My bad, anyway we have 7 New Members added!!Welcome Nee-Chan-Pany!! Welcome Emily!! Welcome *kittie*!! Welcome cyndi!! Welcome NiuNiu-Kyo!! Welcome Naorin!! Welcome GlamDolly!! [Edit] Welcome Raven!! I found your code.
Happy New Years to Everyone as well! ^^

2 New Members added!! Welcome Yun!! Welcome Houshi anG!! Changed Silent's info too.

1 New Member added!! Welcome Ariel!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Dajana!! If anyone was wondering, I did not up and DIE or give up on this site. I thought I was getting no new submissions for the fanlisting but it turns out that hotmail was putting the submissions in my spam box and deleting them before I could read them. So, if you have submitted the form to be added to the fanlisting any time recently and have not been added, pls resubmit!! Sorry to have to do this to everyone m(_ _)m

3 New Members added!! Welcome amida!! Welcome Eve Jarvela!! Welcome Noora Jarvela!!
And we're up to 35 members!! Ooooo.. we get to 50 and I may have to do something special...

1 New Member added!! Welcome Psycho Priest!! Fixed Ren-chan's info as well.

2 New Members added!! Welcome Shelleychuu!! Welcome Nightmare Riot!! Fixed Momo's info. If it's still not right you can email me again we'll try to get it straightened out :) Wow! 31 members now!! If I read my numbers right.. I really should do the updating so early in the morning XD;

2 New Members added!! Welcome Magenta!! Welcome SumeragiAeka!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Aya!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome devotchka!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I finished a new website devoted to the jrock indie band,D. Please go visit Paradox!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Raven!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Ka-chan!!

3 New Members added!! Welcome Shigai!! Welcome Rhi / Momo!! Welcome Lisa!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Shi!!

2 New Members added!! Welcome Shirley!! Welcome Tea!! By the way... I think I'm going to start accepting fan submissions for things like wallpapers, icons, fanart, cosplay, whatever. So, if you have something please submit it!!

New layout!! And it's staying up FOREVER!!! Mwhahahhahahhahaaaa!!! >:DDDDDDD O.O;; *ahem* Anyways..
1 New Member added!! Welcome Myaku!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome silent!! By the way I added a new link to La Tela. The site is owned by one of my friends. She makes very cute blinkies and banners (some of which you can see below^^). If you're interested go visit her site please!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Rensa/Miyuki!!

3 New Members added!! Welcome dark hitsugi!! Welcome Lucifers Bride!! Welcome Yuu!!

2 New Members added!! Welcome Koinu-chan!! Welcome Amari!!

Hello again minna!! First of all I'd like to apologize for the horrid lack of updates recently. I have been sooooooooooo busy lately with a ton of projects, that I haven't been able to update my fanlistings in a long time. Gomen ne minna... m(__)m Also I'm going to try find a nice host soon so the fanlistings may be moving. I will email everyone once this takes place so keep your eyes open!! Due to the moving, Neko Boy probably won't be getting a face lift before the move. Lastly... I'm changing the form slightly since most people aren't reading the rules anyway O_< :twitch: Anyway, on to the update!!!
3 New Members added!! Welcome Sandy!! Welcome nalani!! Welcome Mitsu!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome Ren-chan!! Yeah.. sorry I've been neglecting my sites lately. School's been a real bitch >.< Also we got 3 new affiliates today since I finally got them up!! More Ruka, Hitusgi, and Ni~Ya fanlistings!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome kowaii!! It looks like she's got a visual kei fanlisting of her own so go check it out!!

1 New Member added!! Welcome meL!! A fellow clique/fanlisting junkie I see XD Got the word that Neko Boy is now listed on Beat Planet. Which is a really cool site. It's like a fanlisting for fanlistings XDDD
Oh and the Join Form is working again since meL used it. I know for a fact however that it was not working yesterday. :kicks Bravenet:

Umm... I think the Join form might be broken... I'm not 100% sure yet. It was working but... I tried it again and I haven't got the info yet. I suggest that if anyone wants to join or if you tried to join in the past few days that you email me the information instead just until I can figure out wether or not the thing's working. Gomen ne!! -_-

More new icons... Yep, I got bored again. I've got to have something to do while 99% of the people I know change their attitudes. Also got listed on the Jrock Resources last night. Yay!! Merry Christmas Everybody!!! ^.^V

New 100x50 icon today!! And I think I got all those '?????' things taken care of but if anyone sees them on the page somewhere then please let me know.

New layout!!! Yay!! Isn't this one better?!! And it's not pink!! ...But damn Geocities erased some of the kanji again!! >_< I'll have to fix that so if you see a whole bunch of '?????' things that's why.

(1) New members added!!
Welcome Spiritfall!!! Member no. 3 down!! AND a new affiliate!!! Go check out Rukaism!!! It's a super cool Naitomea site!! One of my faves^^

Yay!! New affiliate!! Go check out Nicotine Angel!! It's a Sakito fanlisting^^

(2) New members added!!
Welcome Kohaku, myself!! Thank you myself^^ ...Yes, I am talking to myself b/c I am the only member right now^^;;; Welcome Aricos!! You're the second member, yay!! And we've got a third one pending if she ever gets off her butt hehehe^^

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