Sword Dancing
I look so fat in that picture!!  I have lost some weight since then, though.  This page is dedicated to my sword dancing.  All the pictrues I have on here were taken from my Dancing in the Sun performance.  I also submitted these pictures for a costume contest.  I make my own jewelry and costumes.  Sword dancing evolved from my lvoe of dance, mainly bellydancing.  My other love is swords, so naturally the two were combined.  I use a variety of music, depending on the dance.  My first performance I used a song from Godsmack and the dance was the tale of Hannya and Kien.  It is a Japanese story about Hannya, a blood thirsty demon, and his sword, named Kien.  Hannya preyed upon Ronnin (or travelling, low class samurai).  From this story I spawned an idea for a play.  The play is still in my head, because I'm focused on a boat-load of other stories that came before it.  Anyhow, I haven't been performing lately because of my location.  I'm surrounded by quiet and solitude, so the nearest town with a performance hall is about an hour away.  I'm mainly searching for a part time job and haven't had much luck!!
Types Of...

Swords: Kitanas, Broadswords, Double-bladed swords, Sais, Medium-sized knives.

Other: Kendo sticks, bamboo sticks, chains, brooms.

Music: Anything really; Classical, Techno, Rock, Heavy Metal, Japanese, Jpop, Arabic, Indian, Bellydance music.

Dance: I incorporate modern dance, ballet, hip hop, and kabuki into the bellydance moves.
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