The Goddess of War and Protection
"I am all that has been, that is, and all that will be."
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Neith, the Egyptian Goddess of War.  Her name is also written as Neit, Net, and Nit.  She is often seen holding the ankh.  Her symbols were two crossed arrows and a shield to reflect her martial nature.  She was the Goddess of the city Sais.  She could be fierce and she could be gentle.  Although her stature went from Goddess of War to the first birthgiver, she never left the world of the Egyptian Gods.  She is my Goddess and I worship her in daily life.  Everyone has either a God or Goddess in which they associate with and mine is Neith.  She holds many things in her hands such as giving life, taking life, and protecting the dead.  She once said, "I am all that has been, that is, and all that will be."  This refered to her power over the Nile River.  No matter what, the River will remain and in doing so, Neith will remain as well.
This website is dedicated to many things. Neith, my art work, my writing, sword dancing, special effects make up, items that I am selling, and links to other websites.  I wanted a website to encompass many things and I believe I have finally done that.
The design above is an old statue of Neith and the design to the right is an awesome drawing that I often get compared to. Other than blond hair, blue eyes, and the cannibalistic nature of it...I don't think we're a thing alike.  : )
Okay, below are the links to click, which will take you wherever you are. Don't worry, I left a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow in case you become lost. I just hope the birds stay away, you know how they love breadcrumbs!
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