Special Make Up FX
This webpage is dedicated to my make up talent. I liked special effects make up and took a couple classes on it, then did some work for local theatres and movies when I was in Florida.  Below are pictures of work I did on myself. Do you think I did okay? x_^
This character came about from two characters I constantly write about: Bliskin and Kate. This character is called Malk-Vain (taken from the vampire clan, Malkavain).  She was turned into vampire and fell in love with a demon, who turned her evil. She was locked away in an ice chamber to freeze to death. She somehow avoided death and her blood turned to ice. The blue streaks eventually froze to her face from her years of crying and although you can't see it, she has blue flames on her neck from the demonic blood that burned her veins. She uses double dragon daggers to kill those who turned on her.
Ignoring the badly done double-wigs!!!  This character is actually two characters and it's nothing like Two-Face from Batman.  This was a project from my theatre make up class. We had to do two different characters on our faces. On the left side of my face (your right when you look at the picture) is Lissandra, a vampire who feeds on the scum that inhabit the planet. She comes upon Melanie (the other side of the face), who was drunk and about to get high. Melanie was a stripper to boot. I was given extra kudos for all the blood. The only thing to suck about this project was my contact lense turned red from blood getting into my eye. Contacts are not cheap!
Yet another project: sex reversal!! I'm a damn hot Sabretooth, aren't I? I was mad that my fangs had broken because they really would have added to the whole ensemble.  But anyway, I was able to scare a few friends as we walked through the hallways...you'd think that college people would be harder to scare...noooooooooooooooope!!!! My good friend, Nate, however, wanted to jump me because I looked like Sabretooth. x_^  That right there means I did good. Woot!

The picture below was taken at night and the photo barely showed me, so I used a filter during my photomanipulation stuff to show me. Wha-la, there I am howling at the moon!
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