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Most of my stories, poetry, and artwork are on deviantart.  Below are a few links to the stories and poetry.  I've also put some artwork below that.  This was a two page thing, but I had to make room for some other pages.  Enjoy what I do have listed!!
Lost Friends
When Will I Live? The Heavenly Preacher of Hell
In Her Coffin
Miles Apart
Misread Thirteen Clans
KISS Me, Baby The Dying Rose
The Undertaker
Dark Angel
These are my two favorite drawings out of everything!!  To the left is Hellboy and to the right is Abraham Sapien, both from Mike Mignola's series: Hellboy.  I drew them both in an anime style because I rarely see that from the series (not even by fans have I seen it).  What really renewed my fascination with Hellboy was the movie, where my all-time favorite actor, Ron Perlman, played Hellboy.  Another great actor, Doug Jones, played Abe Sapien.  These two drawings are the more recent versions; the 1st version of both didn't have enough detail and I (amazingly) forgot to draw Hellboy's tail! That was a big no-no for me.  I still can't understand how I forgot Hellboy's tail.
Above is a requested tattoo design from a friend.  It's scaled down, which makes it look a bit strange.  A friend from deviantart was looking for a phoenix design to have as a tattoo, so I designed this one based on a chinese phoenix bird.
To the left is a drawing I did of Sephiroth for another deviantart friend.  She wanted a curved blade and fire boots.  I don't like how the sword came out but I do like the boots.  I scanned the picture then colored it in photoshop, but it still needs much more detail.  It took more forever to color this and I really don't have the patience for it anymore.
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