Year-Long Projects

Needle Artists by the Sea members enjoy a year-long program, the design of which is selected by vote of the majority of its members from suggestions made by members themselves. These projects usually are of a complexity as to warrant an extended period of study and multi-part presentation by their designer or other qualified teacher. Participation is voluntary and you must be a member in good standing of Needle Artists by the Sea.

The 2009 Year-Long Project is �Seaside Sampler� designed by member Idele Gilbert, who composed an original poem for the project. This nautical themed project is a companion piece to the 1998 Year-Long Project band sampler. The 1998 �Sea Sampler� involved multiple designs by different designers that was not only hugely popular then, but is still thought of fondly by all who participated.

The 2009 �Seaside Sampler� is the same size as the 1998 band sampler and can be worked on size 18 count Canvas or on size 24 count Congress Cloth and can be accomplished using your stash of threads. This project teaches six different needlework techniques; Black Work, Gold and Silk Work, Pulled Thread, Raised Beadwork, Stump Work and Assisi embroidery. The concept of this project is to expand your knowledge of techniques suitable for use on counted ground fabric or canvas. The project will be taught in six separate sections throughout the year 2009 by several different teachers. Although of an overall theme, each design is also meant to stand alone and can be utilized individually as an eye-glass case, ornament, needle-holder book, etc.

The instructions are offered as a complete booklet for $25.00, or, individually for $5.00 each if you decide only some of the designs would suit your tastes. Purchasing the complete booklet for $25.00 is a cost-saving of $5.00 over individual purchase of all six of the designs.

Supplies needed for each band will be shown on the Monthly Programs page, and in the Shorelines newsletter. Basic supplies for the entire project are a 13� x 19� � 18 Count canvas or 10� x 14� � 24 Count Congress Cloth and appropriately size stretcher bars. Also, your usual stitching kit to include basting thread, needles, ruler, scissors, magnification and light, if needed. Another piece of canvas or congress cloth to serve as a Doodle Cloth is strongly recommended.

You must be a current member of Needle Artists by the Sea to participate in the 2009 Year-Long Project, �Seaside Sampler.�

Seaside Sampler
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Previous Year Long Project

If you have any questions, contact Alice Weiss, Vice President, Programs, or Jacke Prideaux, Co-Vice President, Programs, as listed in your current roster.

Click here to download the enrollment form and forward to the Vice President, Programs, as listed in your current newsletter, with the appropriate payment.

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