Van's Halls to Chaos.

Who's Van you ask? Well, first off, let me start by saynig this is a character that was created and plays in Ancient Anguish. Ancient Anguish is a Mud that has some of the best atmosphere for inspired game play.

This Site is not only dedicated to the Necromancers known as Van, but also to shares some tricks and tips for any and all new comers who decide they want to use the dark powers to gain power and glory in the land of Ancient Anguish.

History of Van- Learn the history of this necromancer of how he first learned of the Dark Arts.
Tips and tricks- Get a few pointers and tricks that might help you become a better Necromancer.
Party Rules- Rules to follow while Partying with Van.
Rituals!: Finally a composed list of rituals and at what int+wis you need. The page is bland but the information is correct.
Van's Basher List- List fellow bashers and shows how well they perform (These are all biased comments, and if you don't like that, tough for you!:P)

Ranger Stuff: This is a section I did while playing Rangers hard core recently. All my helpful newbie tricks and hints to get new rangers going on their quest of pelting the hell out of fuzzies are in here.
Complete list of Mage Spells: This is a simple listing of all the spells available to an Alteration mage.

So I finally done it. Not really trying, but I did it, managed to pull of my first 200k xp run.
Name : SSDD                      Total XP : 212059     Time : 1 Hours 1 Mins
       Name           Lvl  HP  SP  Line  XP Share  XP
       Tempest        19   170 176 ON    25 %      61804
Leader VaN            19   87  40  ON    25 %      61804
       Rys            19   178 17  ON    25 %      61804
       Aryan          19   138 186 ON    25 %      26379

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