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This is one of the four websites of the New Communist Party of Britain. The other three are linked on the left. Our Party was formed in 1977 following a struggle against revisionism inside the Communist Party of Great Britain, which finally dissolved in the 1990s.

The New Communist Party is a Marxist-Leninist party which is fighting for a world without exploitation. A world in which the will of the masses, the workers, the toilers, the people who work in the factories and farms, is carried out. A world in which those who produce the entire wealth of the globe get the fruits of their labour.

This is the world we work for. A socialist society where there are no slums, poverty or racism. A society where there are no classes, no exploiters, no bigotry and no war. A new and better world -- the world Marx and Engels predicted and a world that will surely come to pass. It is already being built in the socialist countries of today. It is being fought for in every continent and every country.

We are part of that struggle!

This is the century of socialism!

The New Communist Party does not stand candidates in elections and calls on its supporters to vote Labour. The Party is an affiliate of the
Labour Representation Committee and we can be contacted at [email protected].

On these pages you can find small galleries of  posters from the
Soviet Union, People's China and the Palestinian resistance. Some important articles which have appeared in our weekly newspaper, the New Worker, can also be found on our features page and a collection of reviews is being built up. More articles of lasting interest can be found on our overflow features blog.

We held our
15th Congress in December 2006 and the main resolution can be read here.

2003 was the 50th anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin and you can read a number of New Worker features on the
great Soviet leader here. And if you're looking for Marxist classics on the Web your first port of call is here for links for collections of the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin , Mao, Kim Il Sung and many, many more great revolutionaries.

A more general collection of Marxist pamphets on the English Civil War and the
Republic of England can be found here.

Historic sites linked to the British communist movement can be found on our
Communist heritage page. We also stock the works of the communist historian Ernie Trory and his books, published by the Crabtree Press can be ordered via the page dedicated to Ernie Trory Books.

An electronic edition of t
he New Worker containing some of the reports in this week's paper is posted on our national site. New Worker news on the campaigns of civil service workers can be found on our NCP-PCS site, which also carries LabourStart's trade union news bulletins.  Links to the New Worker Youth e-group and the New  Worker online archive can be found here along with many more.

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Reports of the 14th National Congress of the New Communist Party of Britain
December 2003

14th CongressMain Resolution

The war for oil
speech by NCP leader Andy Brooks at the communist and
workers parties conference in Athens in June 2003
Support the Iraqi Resistance!
Speech by NCP leader Andy Brooks at the Athens communist and workers party conference in October 2004.
Arab Liberation & the Communist Movement
by Andy Brooks

NCP Delegation to People's China 2004
China -- The dreams of millions a reality today
The way forward after the 2004 elections
NCP leader Andy Brooks interview
The Poisoned Well

a fascinating account of how Western intelligence services subverted the communist movement

Joint statement of Communist, Workers and Left Parties -- 15th February 2003
2002 -- Facing the Future
Speech by NCP leader Andy Brooks
We Fight for Peace and Socialism
Documents of the 13th National Congress of the New Communist Party of Britain -- December 2001
Justice for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange!
Support the Vietnamese in their case against 35 chemical companies that includes MONSANTO. Sign the online petition and ask all your friends and relatives to add their support.
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