historical sites linked to the communist movement in Britain
The tomb of Karl Marx
Highgate, London
The grave of Harry Pollitt
Golders Green, London
a plaque to Harry Pollitt
Tameside, Lancashire
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Marx House,
Clerkenwell, London
Marx's rooms in the "German Quarter"
Soho, London,

Ho Chi Minh worked here in 1913
The Haymarket, London
Lenin in London
In 1902 the Bolshevik leader lived in London.
Stalin in London
Joseph Stalin slept here in 1907
Whitechapel, London
Frederick Engels-- the last farewell
Beachy Head, Sussex

the grave of Dr Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo
Highgate, London
Yusuf Dadoo in Britain
The South African Communist leader came to Britain to study in 1929. He returned in 1961 to continue the fight against the apartheid regime.
Engels'  home in Regent's Park
London NW1
Jack Dash House
London Docklands

Roads named after Stalin in Britain
The Mcdiarmid memorial
Langholm, Scotland
International Brigade Memorial
London South Bank
International Brigade Memorial
Glasgow, Scotland
Battle of Cable Street mural
London E1
The home of Ruth First and Joe Slovo
Camden, London
Burgess and Maclean
Their last resting places
The German Hotel
Marx's first home in Soho
International Brigade plaque
Cable St, London E1.
The grave of Claudia Jones
Highgate, London
Mick McGahey Remembered
in Bonnyrigg and Cambuslang
Brixton Prison
Chicherin's "home" in 1917
The Water Rats
Grays Inn Road, London
Lenin drank here!
Tyne & Wear
Little Moscow on the Derwent
British communists on stamps
collectors' corner!
MacLean Memorial
16 King Street
Covent Garden, London
The Party Centre for over 50 years
Anthony Blunt
the grave of the "fourth man"
Newcastle on Tyne
The Geordie who became a master-spy
The first man in space

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