Oliver, by the Grace of God Protector of the Republic of England, Scotland and Ireland   -- a medal issued when Cromwell was head of state 1653 - 1658.
The English Republic
a collection of Marxist articles on the English Civil War and the Commonwealth of England
The English Revolution
a pamphlet written by the communist historian A L Morton in 1948
Oliver Cromwell and the Good Old Cause
an article written by Andy Brooks to mark
the 400th anniversary of Cromwell's birth
in 1999
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The English Revolution 1640
a pamphlet written by the Marxist historian Christopher Hill in 1940
Cromwell and Communism
by Eduard Bernstein written in 1895 and translated into English in 1930
To Kill a King
A review of the movie by Andy Brooks
Oliver Cromwell
1599 -- 1658
All Warts?
TV review by Andy Brooks
3rd September 1658
New Worker 2004 tribute
Engels on the English Revolution
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