Welcome to Ms. Wright's and Mrs. Munger's
First Grade Class!

Welcome to Ms. Wright's classroom webpage!  We are looking forward to an exciting year with our new students.
On this webpage you can find lots of information about me and all of the wonderful things we are doing in First grade.  Continue to check back often!
Also, I check my email regularly.
Please feel free to use that as a means
to communicate with me. 

What's new in our class?

At the beginning of the year we do lots of letter and sound review.  We also learn some fun songs and poems that help us with phonics and learning eachother's names. 

In Math we are learning about the calendar, ordering numbers and using a number line. 

We are also starting Second Step, a social skills program that will help us get along and learn to solve problems independently!

We do lots of "community building" activities at the beginning of the year, such as games, sharing news, class meetings and making rules.  This helps us transition back to school, take ownership of our classroom and learn to treat eachother nicely.

Don't forget to join us for Back to School Night on September 7th from 6-7pm!
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Homework Assignments - Weekly
Check the Cardinal communication folder for important papers and also for Math and Word Wall Homework. Homework reinforces skills taught in class, so it is important that it be completed.  Homework needs to be turned in by Friday.  We will begin homework at the end of September.
Please read a minimum of 15 minutes nightly with your child and sign the homework log.  Your child will be bringing home a leveled book each night. Each book needs to be read and recorded twice before it will be changed.  Please see the Reading at Home page (click here) for some tips on reading with your child.
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