Mum and Dad worried about my future and I simply considered myself to be stupid.



A Father's Story

When I was a child I was considered by all to be a poor speller.  I can still remember the spelling homework lessons occasionally ending in tears.  My parents would routinely drill me at the kitchen table only to be disappointed with my lack of improvement.  Mum and Dad worried about my future and I simply considered myself to be stupid.

The society that I have grown up in has accepted a drop in spelling standards and has not penalised me as harshly as my parents had feared.  Nonetheless, as an adult, I have discovered that poor reading and writing skills can be self corrected or avoided altogether, if appropriate teaching methods are applied from the start.

The teaching of language skills in our primary schools has changed little from when I was a child and I am concerned that without intervention, my own children, and maybe yours, will all to easily develop inadequate reading and writing (spelling) skills.

In a deliberate effort to prevent my children having homework tears at the kitchen table I have designed an educational card game that in a fun way exposes all of the fundamental sounds in the English language and details the most common ways to spell them. 

Understanding the relationship between the 42 fundamental sounds and the 26 letters of our alphabet is the key that describes the alphabetic code and unlocks the written language. 

It took me many years to become aware of this code.  I am pleased that by creating The Natter Knitters card game I can now share with you, and your family, a fun way of discovering the secrets of the alphabetic code.

James Taylor

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