Once you know the name of each Natter Knitter and can recognise them by sight then it is time to try the Natter Knitters Dice Game. 

The game is simple and  it complements and extends the sound cards.

It's a really fun way to develop spelling skills.


The Natter Knitters Dice Game

This game nicely blends phonemic awareness with common spelling patterns for the most common sounds spoken in the English language.

To get started print the dice templates below onto a firm paper or a thin card.  Cut out each dice then fold and glue.  Alternatively you could print the templates onto plain paper, cut and glue them onto the surface of existing dice or any cube object that you think will make a good dice.


All seven dice are thrown.  In two minutes the players write down as many words as they can from the seven sounds displayed on the dice.  Award a point for a correct arrangement of sounds into a word and another point for the word being spelt correctly. After an agreed number of  rounds (I suggest five) the player with the most points wins.


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