A great big thanks goes out to the following people,

with out their help, this site wouldn't be what it is today.


Jeff Garber, Jeff Dimpsey, and James Minor- Thanks for making some incredible music and inspiring this site.

James Minor- Thanks again for getting in touch and for all the great live pics and information.

Skip Johnston- Thanks for the This=Everything track listing.

Lyle Hodges- Many thanks for the concert flyer and live photo, etc. Now if I can just get them scanned! :)

Sara Harris- A big thanks for providing lyrics for the first two albums!

File 13 Records- Thanks for allowing the site to host the National Skyline mp3's.

The Unnofficial Failure Website- Thanks for the link, and a good portion of this sites traffic.

Wendy Dyba- Thanks for providing forums for the site!



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