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The Euroak lyrics are finally posted.

The link to the Mission Failure website has also been updated, but the site is still

under construction as files are still being moved and updated.


I finally got some things scanned. You can check out the album artwork by clicking on the

album cover in the Discography section.

A new photo and a concert flyer have been added to the Pics section.


The old forums have been replaced by new ones that won't be shut down on the 20th.

You can click the link above or go to:

I also added a link to Matt Talbot of Hum's new band, Centaur's website:


Due to Geocities temporarily closing this site whenever to much bandwidth is used,

all audio downloads are being redirected to a new mirror of this site on Angelfire.

Feel free to use that site also, as it is an exact duplicate of this one.

If Geocities continues to be troublesome, the site will be relocated to this mirror site, so be forewarned.


In other news, the following is taken from the File-13 website:

From the mouth of National Skyline...

"The perpetual non-motion machine known as National Skyline has spent an actionless summer scheming

and dreaming of gentle tidal waves that will sweep our sedentary musical asses into some sort of collective movement ...

but alas my friends, Austin, TX is still so dry.

Garber, at this very moment, toils in a master/slave relationship for a newly born rock star who is even better looking than he.

If Pete Yorn visits a town near you, say, "Hi!" to Garber. He'll be the one hawking t-shirts.

As we all know, he is a man of many talents.

Minor calls bullshit on this Austin summer and will hit the road with the American Analog Set later this August.

He looks forward to a month long drunken stupor. If we could all be so lucky.

Dimpsey, aka "Tool of the Man" drones along THX-1138 style programming computers so our lives are rendered less complex,

driving towards that utopian moment when work is obsolete and we all pluck fruit from virtual trees.

Musically, National Skyline has big plans, though they are all top secret and not even the band members are privy to them.

Keep your ears open. I think it will be a very good spring."

--National Skyline

Note: American Analog Set is another great band if you haven't heard them yet, as is Pete Yorn.


Added a new MP3, Euroak, for download.


Unofficial Lyrics for all the albums have been added.

You can get to them from Discography or the links provided above.


Added a Message Board, please post any comments or questions there.


Added six new pictures in the pics section.

A big thanks to James Minor for sending these!


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