The following are sites which are related to National Skyline:

Live National Skyline video- A video on the page. A short write up and interview with Jeff Garber. A short editorial type of write up.

The Centaur Website- A Unofficial website for Matt Talbot of Hum's new band. Some information about National Skyline.

File 13 Message Board- The closest thing to a National Skyline message board.

Parasol's National Skyline Page- National Skylines first label

File 13- National Skylines current record label.

This=Everything- File 13's information about the upcoming album.

Artist Direct: National Skyline- The Artist Direct National Skyline page.

Audio Galaxy- A small bit about National Skyline from Audio Galaxy. Epitonics National Skyline page.

AMG's National Skyline information- Some information on National Skyline.

Hum- Artist Directs Hum page. (Jeff Dimpsey was previously in the band Hum)

AMG's Hum page- All Music Guides Hum information.

Dragonfly Descending- A Hum fansite.

Parasol's Big Bright Lights page- Jeff Garbers post Castor, pre National Skyline band.

Honcho Overload- Matt Talbot and Jeff Dimpsey pre-Hum band.

AMG's Castor page- All Music Guides Castor page.

DMS's Website- National Skyline's former drummers new project.

Ohio Girl Design- Andy Mueller's website. He does most of the cover and poster art for National Skyline, Hum, and many others.

Mission Failure- One of the best websites for the band Failure. Another good Failure site.


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